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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.   Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with and contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

Photo specs: 800 X 600, max of 1024 X 800 72 dpi or ppi is standard for the web. GIF or TIF is preferred as these are considered lossless versus lossy  (A lossy compression (JPG) method is one where compressing data and then decompressing it retrieves data that may well be different from the original). I reduce some pictures to 559 x 380 if I put them side by side.

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Changes on the Denver & Rock Island

Old Denver Rock Island Railroad (DRIR) track removal near South Platte River at Denver Stockyards, Wednesday, January 13, 2021.National Western Complex Redevelopment continues ©2021 Chip


Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at former Denver Stockyards, Denver, Colorado ©2021 Chip

On the Moffat Sub

OWUSJ-07 Wildcat, UT to St. James, LA Originated on Utah Rwy
past tunnel 26 near Wundervu, CO after about 3" of new snow. January 2011  ©2021 Erik Lindgren


UP 5941, AC44CWCTE, and UP 3000 Tier 4 handled 92-car loaded unit oil train, O WUSJ-07. Utah Rly loaded the train at Wildcat, Utah, for move to St. James, Louisiana. Coal Creek Canyon, CO, 10 January 2021 after the snowfall. ©2021 Chip
Classic location with a remarkably clean Amtrak 5 near Tunnel #1  ©2021 Erik Lindgren Private cars EVELYN HENRY and WARREN R HENRY 12/28/20 at Plainview  ©2021 Erik Lindgren

PVs visit Colorado

PV Warren R Henry at Denver Union Station 9 Jan 2021 ©2021 Chip
Private cars Warren R. Henry dome lounge and Evelyn Henry sleeper were on Amtrak train 6, the California Zephyr. Train stopped briefly at Winter Park Ski Area, CO. UP’s Moffat Tunnel Subdivision on 8 January 2021. Car laid over at Denver Union Station the January 8-10, 2021 then continued east to Chicago, IL. ©2021 Chip

A Warbonnet!

A pleasant way to bring in the new year, BNSF 4705 still in full Warbonnet paint leads the HPVODEN1 from Provo, Utah into Denver on the morning of Sunday, January 3, 2021. Both photos ©2021 Erik Lindgren

Visitors from Canada

Westbound Canadian Pacific'™s 8114 and 7014 (CP Heritage unit-!) on BNSF train Sweetgrass, Montana, to Fresno, California, loaded grain train. BNSF parked her at LoDo Siding, Denver, CO, 1:45 PM, January 5th.

Photo by Chip at Irondale Siding, Commerce City, Colorado, ©2021 January 5, 2021.

Westbound Canadian Pacific's 8114 and 7014 (CP Heritage unit-!) on BNSF train Sweetgrass, Montana, to Fresno, California, loaded grain train.

Photo by Chip at Hudson, Colorado, ©2021 January 5, 2021.


PVs at Union Station

Three private cars i.e. private varnish, were at Denver Union Station Sunday, January 3, 2021. At left was Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 50 - The Patron Tequila Express - which laid over on track 5 for 9-days. On the right, were Henry Creative Promotions PVs; dome lounge Warren R. Henry and sleeper Evelyn Henry. Those PVs continued west to California.  ©2021 John Sherman

On the Moffat Sub

Tunnel 26 Aglow in Reflected Light. Remarks: Westbound through the tunnel district the daily Provo manifest HDENPVO1 with BNSF 7991 leading on 12/31/20 tugs 10 power units 7 in view here through the Rockies not around them. The afternoon winter sun strikes the south rim of the deep canyon east of Pinecliffe and tunnel 27 below Wundervu, CO with a brunt warm soft reflected light illuminating the train. Repeated attempts finally realized since seeing this phenomenon.    ©2021 Erik Lindgren

Visitors from Canada

Southbound CP 8009 AC4400CWM was on BNSF’s train G SWEGUC3-26a (Sweetwater, MT, to Guernsey, CA). The 98-car, 13,838-ton, unit grain train was on BNSF’s Brush Subdivision at Roggen, CO, December 30, 2020. Train came via Sterling, CO. Train was set up 3 x 1 x 0; CP 8009, CP 9648, BNSF 4654 with DPU CP 9731 which were all refueled at Denver, CO, that evening. ©2020-2021 Chip

Amtrak in the snow

Tuesday morning December 29th, 2020 Amtrak P42DC number 161 leads the California Zephyr train number 5 seen here climbing to tunnel 1 on the Moffat Subdivision.  15 minutes earlier this entire scene was blanketed in a thick fog; the remnants of the previous nights snow event. Light snow fell over most of the Front Range overnight leaving a light coating of snow just enough for a winter scene worth capturing.  ©2020 Erik Lindgren

Still in the old colors

BNSF has only a few units still painted Burlington Northern green. BNSF 1920, SD40-2, was working at BNSF’s 31st Street Yard, Denver, CO, December 27, 2020. ©2020 Chip

eport estimates cost to start passenger service for Colorado's front range at up to $2.5 billion
Trains Industry Newsletter

Consulting firm's presentation sees cost of more complete, higher speed service at up to $14.2 billion reports Southwest Chief and Front Range Passenger Rail Commission

DENVER — The initial version of a passenger rail operation along Colorado’s Front Range could see two to six round trips a day between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, mostly on existing lines, and cost $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion.

Colorado Public Radio reports that concept was presented by consultant HDR to the Front Range Passenger Rail Commission in a draft report on Friday, along with a second stage that would extend service south from Colorado Springs to Pueblo for an additional $200 million to $300 million.

The long-term vision — probably 20 to 30 years away — is a system that would allow speeds of 90 to 110 mph, with trains running every 30 minutes during peak periods. That project could cost $7.8 billion to $14.2 billion.

The commission still needs to determine funding for that initial version, along with such possibilities as Amtrak involvement, or collaboration with Denver’s Regional Transportation District. The RTD’s commuter rail B Line from Denver to Boulder and Longmont, Colo. — which now is not likely to be built before 2050 — coincides with one of the three possible routes for the Front Range service.

The consulting firm will finalize its initial report, and offer recommendations on routes and a timeline for developing the service, by the end of the year.

Coal on the Moffat Sub

C GJCTPH0 06 Lead by BNSF 6271 rolls through the twists and turns of the Tolland Valley past the Giants Ladder at MP45 on a beautiful winter morning on December 9, 2020. . ©2020 Erik Lindgren C GJCTPH0 06 Lead by BNSF 6271 rolls through the twists and turns of the Tolland Valley past the Giants Ladder at MP45 on a beautiful winter morning on December 9, 2020. . ©2020 Erik Lindgren

New track for Denver & Rock Island

Hensel-Phelps Construction and Professional Rail Contractors, Inc, completed Denver Rock Island Railroad new Denver Stockyards trackage December 8, 2020. Construction managers rode DRIR 88, GP9R, to inspect the new yard along BNSF’s Brush Subdivision. National Western Complex Redevelopment prompted major changes at the former Denver Stockyards. There will be no National Western Stock Show in January 2021 account the COVID pandemic. ©2020 Chip

Track work on the Towner Line

Men were placing ties on Colorado Pacific’s new 11,000-foot long siding east of NA Junction, CO, on ex-Missouri Pacific Towner Line December 3, 2020. Colorado Pacific plans to use new siding to assemble 100-car or more unit grain trains for interchange with BNSF at NA Junction or Pueblo, CO. Photo by Chip  ©2020

Polar Express at the Museum

Moonlit Polar Express at CRRM 11/28 ©2020 Erik Lindgren

New Power for the Durango & Silverton


Thanks to Jerry Day, can see one of the of the new diesels for for the D&S.  Control stand is very similar to those I remember from my railroad days.

Union Station Christmas lights

I don't know who took this pictures but if you are the photographer, please let me know. If you have other pictures of the Union Station lights, please share them with your fellow club members 

A visitor from the East

A visitor from the east (Norfolk Southern 4280) near Castle Rock. ©2020 Tim Tonge

A winter scene on the Moffat Sub

Happy Holidays, Tuesday, November 24th was kissed with a fresh 8” of sticky snow early before dawn at Coal Creek Canyon. Amtrak 5, running about 2 hours late the California Zephyr is seen here rolling through the majestic pillows of heavy snow flocked from top to bottom on the trees. ©2020 Erik Lindgren

A heritage unit

Union Pacific’s 1982, the Missouri Pacific Heritage unit, came south into Colorado via the Cheyenne, WY, to 36th Street Yard, Denver, CO. Train arrived the Mile High City early November 25, 2020. Unit was wyed on the Pullman Wye and led the auto train from Rolla (Commerce City, CO) back north to Cheyenne, WY, that afternoon. ©2020 Chip

MOW equipment in Denver

UP 958500 MW Maintenance of Way set was built by Relco (builders date 18 May 2020). The unit (model PU3200 A-6) is based on an SD40-2 frame (note the six-axles). This self propelled set departed UP's 36th Street Yard northward on the Greeley Subdivision, Denver, CO. ©2020 Chip

On the Moffat Sub

Eastbound and now past East Portal, BNSF 6233 is in charge of the HPVODEN1 beneath some of Colorado's highest peaks. Rollins Pass and James Peak and the rest of the Great Divide are holding back a Pacific fed winter storm ravaging the western slope. The dark blue sky embodies the snowfall that is undoubtedly delighting the early skiers of the 2020/2021 season at Winter Park.  ©2020 Erik Lindgren

On the Joint Line

Southbound BNSF 296, SD75I, handled the Irondale (Commerce City, CO, to Minnequa, CO) train U IRCMQA-027t down the Joint Line November 15, 2020. Train was north of Palmer Lake, CO, with 100-car empty cement covered hoppers. In 2017 BNSF overhauled 45 SD75’s. ©2020 Chip

On 11 Nov, 2020 BNSF 9233 is on the rear of a northbound empty as it crests the final few feet of the Palmer Divide in Palmer Lake, CO. ©2020 Chris Paulhamus

On the Denver & Rock Island

Denver Rock Island RR, DRIR 88, GP9R, and DRIR 1083 SW1500 ex-SP 2480 were parked at the Franklin Street Shop, north of Denver, CO, 13 November 2020.  Note how two tracks are built up to the building, upper right. ©2020 Chip
New DRIR trackage will enter service in early December 2020. ©2020 Chip


At Glenwood Springs

UP 1996 passed the Amtrak “Veterans” unit (#42) in Glenwood Springs today on Nov. 8. While Amtrak was still at the a UP heritage locomotive rolled by. ©2020 Daniel Sheffer

Canadian visitors

In Owl Canyon  ©2020 Erik Lindgren

A work train on the Joint Line

This is the spreader that’s been working MofW on the southbound tracks near Sedalia and Castle Rock.  It was built in 2014, and is one of 3. ©2020 Tim Tonge

On the Moffat Sub

February 2019 yielded a nice chase of the MNYGJ just after sunrise at the western most ledge of Beyers Canyon. UP 5892 does the honors with power move and an exciting manifest including some gondolas with scrap.z

Trick or Treat Train at the Museum

Erik Lindgren was at the Museum  on October 25 for the second day of Treat or Treat train. Looks like he had the treat ©2020 Erik Lindgren

On the Moffat Sub

Monday, October 26, 2020 still under a Winter Storm Warning brought the Fall season to a close at Plainview. Just a slight remnant of the Fall colors remained along the Moffat Road at milepost 23. The MGJNY was running early today without the usual Amtrak 5 now no longer scheduled on Mondays to slow them down. Just a kiss of the warm light of the morning sun was breaking through the clearing snow storm in the 14 degree temperatures

On the Joint LIne

On 4 Oct., 2020 UP 7830 leads a northbound Nixon coal empty through the Greenland Open Space as it leaves Palmer Lake, CO. ©2020 Chris Paulhamus

The BNSF Heritage unit visits Denver

Another one of the 25th Anniversary units from BNSF came through Denver on October 12. This Provo-bound manifest train was led by BNSF 6163 on the UP Moffat subdivision.  ©2020 Dave Schaaf

In Eastern Colorado

On October7, I drove along the Colorado Pacific to check what was happening. The line just east of NA Jct. is still out of service in that they are replacing several large culverts. The rest of the line looks like it is up and running. The only cars I saw were PPEX coal gondolas stored at Haswell and Eads. The photos was looking east at Haswell.

On another note, the BNSF is busy replacing lots of ties east of Boone and beyond NA Jct. toward La Junta. There were a lot of tie machines, ballast machine and tampers working.   ©2020 Larry D. Dilts

A BNSF Geometry train on the Front Range Sub

A BNSF Geometry train is south of Cheyenne at the I-80 overpass on the Front Range Sub. The car is BNSF 91, MofW Equipment M530 PS Geometry #91, unmanned track geometry car, ex-RPCX 52 seat chair-snack bar #3921 SILVER CHAIR, exx-AMTK #3921, exxx-BN #6143. ©2020 Pete West

On the Moffat Sub

Still near peak deep in the valley west of Rollinsville, Amtrak 1105 acting for 5 The California Zephyr is rolling along the fill into groves of Aspen Trees along South Boulder Creek. The calming sounds of the rushing river is briefly interrupted by the burble and rush of the passing train. Now for the walk back. October 8, 2020. ©2020 Erik Lindgren

A new pedestrian bridge in Colorado Springs.

Crews placed a new pedestrian bridge Monday (5 October 2020) to connect America the Beautiful Park to the southwest part of downtown.

The 250-foot-long bridge was hoisted into the air, driven across the railroad, and put in place near the Olympic and Paralympic Museum. The bridge weighs about 1.1 million pounds and is planning to open to the public early 2021, depending on weather and construction.

“Sitting right here beside I-25, everyone that drives through town is going to see the new Olympic museum, they’re going to see this giant bridge that projects out, and it’s going to draw visitors to say, ‘Hey, come visit Colorado Springs,’" said senior engineer Ryan Phipps.

The vision for this project has been established for decades, but really got momentum five years ago. The bridge was built in Houston and delivered to Colorado Springs in June 2020. ©2020 Chip

On the Moffat Sub

 ©2020 Erik Lindgren Sept 2020 East Portal  ©2020 Erik Lindgren
Sunday October, 4 the Spirit 1943 special led the Manifest from Grand Junction to North Yard. Made for a long ride for the crew called Yampa 22:15 and the crew died on the main at Arvada, CO, before Tennyson. Beautiful morning Fall light illuminates South Boulder Peak and the amazing geology on the Goshawk Ridge on the Flatirons.  ©2020 Erik Lindgren

Along the D&SL route

On Sept 17, Denny Leonard drove the old Denver & Salt Lake grade.  The Loop where In real life the railroad Coming down from Corona made a left turn and went through a tunnel underneath the trestle
Corona “Top of the World” Once covered with snowsheds Yankee Doodle lake is still magnificently circled by the railroad grade. 4 pictures ©2020 Denny Leonard

On the Moffat Sub

Above Tunnel 7 ©2020 Erik Lindgren

Disappearing  semaphore signals in New Mexico

BNSF semaphores model T2 upper quadrant were being replaced with new tri-light signals at Colmor, New Mexico, September 17, 2020.  BNSF’s Raton Subdivision normally only sees Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, trains 3 and 4, every day of the week (daily service-!).  Amtrak long distance trains were planned to be reduced to only three times a week (tri-weekly service) effective October 1, 2020 due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic reducing rail passenger travel.  ©2020 Chip
Casey (pointing) had job briefing with fellow signal maintainer as new signals were undergoing tests at Colmor, NM. ©2020 Chip


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