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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.   Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with and contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

Photo specs: 800 X 600, max of 1024 X 800 72 dpi or ppi is standard for the web. GIF or TIF is preferred as these are considered lossless versus lossy  (A lossy compression (JPG) method is one where compressing data and then decompressing it retrieves data that may well be different from the original). I reduce some pictures to 640 x 480 if I put them side by side.

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A faded bonnett

David Grothe caught this train as came through Castle Rock. ©2017 David Grothe (Ed note This begs to be modeled but without a picture, who'd believe you that that this how the engine appeared.)

One more view of the G&W Kyle locomotives on the move

BNSF 3779 leads the southbound M-DENPUE (Denver, CO - Pueblo, CO) manifest through the s-curves just south of Monument, CO.  ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

Rail on its way to Como

South Park Rail Society is reconstructing track, and bringing in a steam engine this summer.

More rail, track hardware, and ties were loaded up, transported across the state, and unloaded at Como, Colorado, on Monday. Images from 20 March 2017 Four pictures ©2017  David Schaaf

Your Webmaster rides the Ski Train

On March 19, my wife and rode the Ski Train and spent the day at Winter Park. It was warm but still a great place!.

As the train operates in a push pull fashion, the control cab will lead the train est so the train no linger needs to wyed at Tabernash. ©2017 Walter Weart The westbound power. ©2017 Walter Weart
The interior of the car in which we rode. Nice with lots a leg room and 110 volt outlets. ©2017 Walter Weart Our departure from Winter Park was delayed by about 40 minutes by a late running Zephyr.  ©2017 Walter Weart
A few minutes later, our train arrived. When we arrived at DUS, the  Zephyr was just getting ready to depart. ©2017 Walter Weart

Kyle power on the Move

BNSF 3779 leads the southbound DENPUE (Denver, CO - Pueblo, CO) manifest through Palmer Lake, CO.

The DENPUE is typically a pretty boring affair, but this particular running included a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Tagging along were 4 Utah Railway MK50-3s enroute to Phillipsburg, KS and the KYLE Railroad. Tagging along were Utah 5002-5001-5004-5006. These MK50-3s were originally built as Morrison-Knudson MK5000Cs, and were eventually sold off to the Utah Railway after M-K folded. All told, only 6 examples were built.  ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

These four locomotives represent 2/3s of the six total built. These were built as Morrison-Knudson MK5000Cs, but after they got new EMD guts, they were re-designated as MK50-3s where they earned their keep on the Utah Railway. Now, under the banner of the Genesee & Wyoming, they are seen here on the move to another G&W property, the KYLE Railroad.   ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

Some pictures from New Mexico

New Mexico Railrunner commuter train south bound from Santa Fe arrives at the Los Ranchos Journal Center station. The trains are push-pull with a locomotive on the south end and a controller car on the north end. March 16, 2017. ©2017 Jerry B. Day Two Railrunner trains wait at the Santa Fe depot with a Santa Fe Southern Railway GP locomotive. The Santa Fe Southern is not operating currently waiting for a few owner. March 17, 2017. ©2017 Jerry B. Day
Santa Fe Railway 4-8-4 number 2926 has been undergoing rebuilding and restoration for a number of years by the volunteers of the New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society. 2926 was built by Baldwin in 1944 as part of the last group of steam locomotives built for the Santa Fe. The Santa Fe 2900s were the heaviest and some of the largest 4-8-4s ever built. The society hopes to have 2926 running before end of the year. [March 15, 2017.  ©2017Jerry B. Day Santa Fe 2926 is kept inside a new engine house and pulled outside when work is to be performed. The tender was inside this day, it is one of the largest tenders ever built, having 8-wheel trucks. March 15, 2017.  ©2017 Jerry B. Day

Even buildings are Irish on St. Patrick's day

Union Station in Denver has the high green spirit for the holiday. Image 2017© Dave Schaaf

G&W power moves through Denver

Utah Railway MK50-3 locomotives sitting in BNSF'S locomotive facility at Park Avenue and Delganey. According to Utah 5001, 5002, 5004, 5006 (4 units) were moved to Kyle Railway (another GWI subsidiary) during mid March 2017. The four locomotives were placed behind the motive power of BNSF's Provo-Denver train (H PVODEN1 15A) and departed Provo on March 14, 2017 ©2017 Douglas Midkiff

A windmill train

9:35 AM March 13, 2017 - BNSF southbound Vestas wind blade train at Denver going south at Walnut Street. UP 8848-5845 no BNSF power! Train originated on Union pacific at Brighton, Colorado, going to East St. Louis, Missouri. ©2017 Chip

Some interesting power on a BNSF grain train

March 12, 2017 David Grothe photographed this southbound grain at Castle Rock. Second unit on the front is a BNSF Bonnet and the pushers included 2 KCS units.   4 pictures ©2017  David Grothe

A stack train on the Joint Line

BNSF 7127 leads an empty southbound J.B. Hunt double stack train through the north end of the U.S. Air Force Academy, CO.The Joint Line has recently picked up a Q stack train, but this one runs under a B symbol; it's empty stacks, most likely going back to Los Angeles. ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

Some additional pictures of the  move of Klondike Mines No. 4  to Cheyenne

Dave Schaff sent some pictures of the Klondike Mines locomotive being loaded out of Georgetown. All pictures  ©2017 Dave Schaaf 

New power for the Royal Gorge Route

Royal Gorge Route 3104, CRRX 3104, GP40 built by EMD as Western Pacific 3521. Unit renumbered UP 670. Also operated/renumbered as CMNW 3004, GWWR 3004, Wisconsin Central 3004, PRLX 3104, SSRX 3104, and recently to CRRX 3104. Unit painted by Midwest Locomotive in Kansas City, Missouri. Union Pacific (UP) moved unit from Kansas City, MO, to Canon City, CO, with a layover at UP's North Yard fuel track, Denver, CO, March 7, 2017. ©2017 Chip

BNSF sand train

BNSF 4486 East U SEEEOL 0-04t. Speer, Wyoming, to Eola, Illinois empty unit sand train. BNSF Brush Subdivision at Sand Creek Junction, Commerce City, Colorado, March 7, 2017. ©2017 Chip

Construction progress on RTD's Northwest line 

Union Pacific's Belt Line closed the morning of March 7, 2017 for I-beam installation for new Denver RTD Line near Brighton Road / UP Junction.  ©2017 Chip

Pictures from Durango

In mid-February, the Galloping Goose Historical Society created a new replica plow for RGS 5. The plow was based on the plow off RGS 7, graciously loaned to them by the Colorado RR Museum. It was fitted to 5 and used in a series of trips north from Durango on Feburary 17-19. Billed as "Snow Goose" runs, Friday and Saturday turned out relatively sunny, but Sunday morning brought significant snowfall.

Leaving Durango on Friday morning's first run. ©2017 Nathan Holmes North of Durango, the snow was coming down in large, heavy flakes. ©2017 Nathan Holmes
Crossing the Animas River in the snow on Sunday. ©2017 Nathan Holmes
Crossing the Animas River in the snow on Sunday. ©2017 Nathan Holmes


The Sunday runs were done in conjunction with the D&S's annual Winter Photographers' Special, so both groups had a chance to photograph RGS 5 and the photo train. ©2017 Nathan Holmes

UP does track maintenance in Denver

Union Pacific concrete tie replacement project underway on UP's Belt Line and Bypass one. Project will include bypass two and North Yard lead north of Denver, Colorado, March 6, 2017.  Chip

New signage at Como

New signage at the restored Como station and was part of a Rocky Mountain RR Club contribution. Will a steam engine operate this summer? Stay tuned!  ©2017 Chip

KCS power on the Joint  Line

On March 3rd, David Grothe caught this southbound mixed freight in Castle Rock   ©2017 David Grothe

News on the passenger front

CO Senate approves Chief commission renewal Bill would include study of Front Range Rail

The Colorado Senate on Feb. 23 passed a bill that would replace the current Southwest Chief Commission with a group that would also study and propose Front Range Rail. The bill passed on a vote of 24-11.

It now moves to the state House of Representatives. The Bill charges the new Commission with continuing efforts to improve the Amtrak Southwest Chief line, expand its service to Pueblo, and investigate adding service to Walsenburg. This includes continuing ongoing work with Amtrak and the BNSF Railway on a current project to develop through car service between Chicago and Pueblo through a connection at La Junta.

The Bill also charges the new Commission with facilitating the development of Front Range Passenger Rail. This includes providing draft legislation to the General Assembly by December 1, 2017. The proposed legislation is designed to jump start passenger rail planning in the I-25 corridor with an unmistakable state policy declaration.

This will help focus leaders and citizens on solutions to the extraordinary demographic changes along the Front Range which are driving the need for a multimodal passenger system. Further highway expansion in the current I-25 right of way is approaching saturation.

Development of passenger rail systems is a long-term process requiring careful analysis and persuasion to qualify for and obtain federal funding. It is not hard to envision a seven to ten-year process before significant additional service is under construction. 

Fresh paint for the Royal Gorge

The new Canon City & Royal Gorge RR GP40 just completed in Kansas City last week and released to the UP for shipment west. The photo was taken Tuesday February 28, 2017 and I believe it departed Kansas City for Colorado on Wednesday ©2017John R In KS

The locomotive was built as as Western Pacific 3521 / UP 670 / CMNW 3004 / GWWR 3004 / Wisc Cent 3004 / PRLX 3104 / SSRX 3104 / CRRX 3104

Progress at Como

Greetings from Como, Colorado, March 2, 2017. Will steam engine number 4 pass this restored depot come August 19, 2017?  ©2017 Chip

Foreign power lends a hand

David photographed two grain trains, the first had a BNSF and CSX rear DPU and two manned helpers on the end of the train. Later in the day, just before dark, another grain train came through Castle Rock with BNSF and KCS power on the head end. ©2017 David Grothe

Some Joint Line trains

BNSF 7211 leads a Q-train south through Colorado Springs, CO along the famed UP/BNSF Joint Line.  ©2017 Chris Paulhamus BNSF 7211 leads the relatively new Q-PTLATL (Portland, OR - Alliance, TX) south near Monument, CO.  ©2017 Chris Paulhamus
BNSF 5150 leads a southbound manifest through Monument, CO about to take the siding of the same name. In an unusual move on the Joint Line, this train was getting out of the way for the train behind it, a hotter Q train. Not sure if that was necessary as this train was well-powered and was making good time.  ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

The new Caboose hobby shop had grand opening on February 25

The store is located at 10800 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood.  Phone # 303 777 6766 email

Store hours: Monday - Wednesday 10-6 Thursday 10-8 Friday - Saturday 10-6 Sunday 12-5

Owner Kevin Ruble talks with one of the many, many customers while Leighton Moreland works as cashier. The Colorado Railroad Museum had a table with Exce. Director and Donald Tallman and member Dave Schaaf.
A really nice feature was Story Telling for the younger visitors while their parents shopped tht huge selection of model railroading items. Just two of the many customers at the  Grand Opening. All pictures ©2017 Chip

Action on the Joint Line

On February 22, in light snow flurries, the Northbound Q-train heads through Palmer Lake around 13:45 this afternoon.  ©2017 SP8595 Southbound Portland, OR to Alliance, TX Q-train crosses over Sand Creek just South of the siding at Kelker.  ©2017 SP8595
Chris caught the empty rail train as it made its way through Palmer Lake with a nice pair of flag'd Tier 1 SD70Ms on President's Day.  ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

A snowy day on the Moffat Sub

The Zephyr rounds the curve at the east switch of Leyden, the consist barely visible amid the blowing snow. ©2017 Kevin Morgan A new ET44AC leads the train eastbound through the curves at the base of Coal Creek Canyon, rounding the curve on the approach to Blue Mountain Road.  ©2017 Kevin Morgan

RTD's R Line opens on February 24

Northbound Denver RTD R line two car train at Colfax Street bridge and station in Aurora, Colorado on opening day February 24, 2017. ©2017 Chip

Como's new locomotive on the move

Steam locomotive owner Dr Charles "Chuck" Brantigan MD. purchased ex-Klondike Mines Railway, a Prairie narrow gauge  2-6-2 in 2016 from Georgetown Loop RR, Silver Plume, CO. Engine move by highway started at Silver Plume, CO, February 21, 2017. Delivered February 22, 2017 to Wasatch Railroad Contractors, Cheyenne, WY.

One of the main goals of the South Park Rail Society is to return an operational steam locomotive to the South Park and the town of Como. So they have acquired a suitable narrow gauge locomotive that is currently under repair and will soon be moved to the growing rebuilt railyard of Como.

They hope to have the locomotive completed and operational in time for this year's (2017) Boreas Pass Railroad Day in August. 


Number 4 on S/D Enterprises Inc, truck before off loading at Wasatch Railroad Contractors Cheyenne, Wyoming, February 22, 2017 ©2017 Chip Klondike Mining Railway near Dawson City, Canada, was original buyer. Latest move from Silver Plume, Colorado. ©2017 Chip
Number 4 arrived by truck at Wasatch Railroad Contractors, Cheyenne, Wyoming, February 22, 2017. ©2017 Chip

President's Day on the Joint Line

BNSF 9121 and 9670 on a coal empty at Sedalia, CO on 2-20-17. ©2017 Tim Tonge UP 6493 leads a coal load south, with images at Greenland. ©2017 Tim Tonge
UP 6493 leads a coal train south through Greenland ©2017 Tim Tonge

BNSF on the move

Alan Schenkel was surprised by a H PASBAK coming up the hill near Broomfield ©2017 Alan Schenkel 

The BNSF switching at Coors

On February 18, I saw the BNSF switching and I think this is the first time I have seen the Beer Train locomotive switching inside Coors. I know that Coors' rail outbound traffic has been significantly reduced since the merger as all labels except Banquet are brewed at all breweries.  One multiple track yard has been empty for some time. I was told the the  average length of haul is less that 500 miles, maybe closer to 200 miles. I had heard that Coors was also using some intermodal transportation. I wonder if they have reduce the plant switch engine fleet.  ©2017 Walter Weart

The new RTD "R" Line

New Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) light rail begins operation Friday, February 24, 2017 in Aurora, CO. R Line cars were testing February 18, 2017. ©2017 Chip

Memories of the Ski Train

Edward Arbuckle responded to Ski Train pictures with his memories of the Ski Train.

IIt was impressive and highly welcome to see Chip's photos of the modern day Winter Park Express..  And, for my mind, it also was a startling spring back to the primeval Ski Train.  Instead of a brightly‚ illuminated Union Station, there would be the historical but lonely Moffat.  And, instead of shiny track and a safe and welcoming platform, there would be several dejected‚ asphalt-deprived tracks aligned with approach to that Station while bordering the package-freight service platform. For the Denver tramway riders, there was convenient exit, from the 16th Street viaduct, a walk incorporating close-up view of the Castle Building while en route to the Station's pathway.

For those with autos, entry was on 15th Street; the back of my mind says, at that time, auto entry was complicated by an elevated roadway section of 15th Street.

For the train crewmen, the Castle Building housed lockers and conveniences. In this writer's pre teen days, an amicable couple lived at and oversaw the Castle's railroaders' space. (This writer remembers the family's Pekinese falling, but surviving, from the Castle Building's midway connection between viaduct and ground.)

To my knowledge, the first editions of the Ski Train were extracted from Trains #1 and #2, the daily day train, Denver to Craig. On weekends, #1 departure was normal schedule but with a consist extended by several coaches.  Following the massive unloading of skiers (and skis) at Winter Park, the train would move to Fraser, where ski-coaches were set out, with #1 then continuing near schedule.

However, life for #2, which had overnighted at Craig, was changed--with a circa three-hour delayed departure, a multi coach pickup at Fraser and a boisterous reloading of skiers (and skis) at Winter Park.

Upon return to Denver, the Ski Trains, due to their length, were painstakingly backed in--with the engine finally hovering below the 16th Street viaduct. Train crew for #1 and #2 was conductor and one brakeman; I can't recall a second brakeman, nor a public relations person, assigned to the Ski Train.  In addition to responsibility for safe train operation, crew members also enjoyed service as public relations reps for several hundred skiers (and their skis).

Edward Arbuckle

Rail car from Mexicoat a Grain Elevator

On February 15, 2017, Cornerstone Ag received an 110 car train of Ferromex hoppers. Most of them were nearly new. Occasionally, a Ferromex locomotive comes into Colby, but this is the first for Ferromex cars. Cornerstone Ag 136 was shuttling the cars on the south end of their siding.  ©2017 Larry Dilts

On the Front Range Sub

BNSF's Laurel, Montana to Denver, Colorado manifest traveled down the Front Range Subdivision between Cheyenne and Denver with a BC Rail C44-9WL trailing. The Laurel-Denver manifest trundles down the middle of Atwood Street in Longmont.  ©2017  John Crisanti
The northbound Denver-Laurel manifest led by a trio of standard BNSF GE's is trundling up the middle of Mason Street through Olde Town Fort Collins near the Mass-Transit station, the former C&S Freight Depot.  ©2017 John Crisanti

A visitor from British Columbia

BCOL 4646 on eastbound BNSF Provo, Utah, to Denver train February 16, 2017. Tabernash, CO, shined UP's Moffat Tunnel Subdivision rails.  ©2017 Chip

At the Rocky Club meeting on Feb 15

Ed Dickens, UP Steam Shop manager, provided steam restoration program February 14, 2017 at Rocky Mountain RR Club meeting in Denver, Colorado. Great turnout by members & a few new folks. (Ed note: if you weren't there, you missed a great presentation.) ©2017 Chip

Going back to Transportation Technology Center

EMDX 1605 an SD70ACe-T4 pulled past UP's North Yard 3:05 PM February 14, 2017! BNSF 4163 South off Front Range Subdivision. Units stopped under I-25 at Prospect Junction, Denver 3:30 PM! ©2017 Chip

A rail train on the Joint Line

UP Flag Unit 4877 and UP $151 lead an empty rail train south through Tomah, Colorado on Colorado’s joint line.  The train is likely heading to Pueblo where a welding rail facility is located. ©2017 Tim Tonge

With Pikes Peak in the background

BNSF 9101 on the rear of a southbound coal train, with Pikes Peak looming in the distance ©2017 Tim Tonge

Heading down the hill

Union Pacific 5833 has just passed the East switch at Plainview and is heading towards the West Portal of Tunnel #1 with the Plains of Colorado seen in the background. ©2017 SP8595 Having just exited Tunnel #1, the CP 8922 will follow the train around the horseshoe curve at the mouth of Coal Creek Canyon. ©2017 SP8595

Help from a Canadian friend

Southbound empty flat car train passes through Castle Rock ©2017 David Grothe

A BNSF train passes Castle Rock

BNSF 4017 with Stampede Pass (head end power car) on 7-car passenger special headed to Casper, Wyoming passed Castle Rock, CO 2/9/17 on the Joint Line.? Train changed crews at Denver for trip up to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where it laid over February 9.  ©2017 Chip BNSF 4017 leads a 7 car officer special northbound on Colorado's Joint Line, through Castle Rock, with the town's namesake rock behind the train, about 140-145pm Feb 9.  ©2017 Tim Tonge

Testing on the R Line

R Line Test Trains; Denver RTD 228 (left) light rail vehicle built by Siemens and a southbound train (right) stopped Aurora Metro Center, Aurora, Colorado, sunrise, February 8, 2017. Line opens to the public February 24, 2017.

Caboose reopens

Kevin Ruble announces the Grand Re-Opening of Caboose LLC on Saturday, February 25th, 2017. We welcome your enthusiasm about our new location opening! We can't wait to see new and old friends. Stop by to say hello!

We'll be open for business with Kid's story time at 11:00am and 2:00pm and Pizza by Tilfords Wood Fired Pizza from 11:30am to 4:30pm. 

The new location is 10800 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226 

Faded Warbonnet still helps move freight

David Grothe thought this power consist was pretty cool from a northbound BNSF grain train on Friday, Feb 3. Three units with three different paint schemes, including a former Santa Fe Warbonnet. He snapped this shot as it passed through Castle Pines. ©2017 David Grothe

A couple neat shots on the Joint Line

While Tim Tinge was waiting for a DODX train, he shot across from his location between Tomah and KOA campground, and got the NB Stack train led by BNSF 4143 and KCS Belle 4191 ©2017 Tim Tinge Tim Tonge found a DODX empty train led by 2 CSX unit near Tomah on February 1, sadly grey panels on the sunny side of the lead unit diminished the shots. ©2017 Tim Tinge

A colorful consist

On 22 Jan 17, BNSF 5150 leads a southbound manifest through Monument, CO about to take the siding of the same name. In an unusual move on the Joint Line, this train was getting out of the way for the train behind it, a hotter Q train. Not sure if that was necessary as this train was well-powered and was making good time. ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

Some really old rail

In the Kyle Railroad Colby, Kansas yard is 80 pound rail dated 1899. Other siding rail is dated 1900, 1902, and 1903. It was manufactured by Illinois Steel.  ©2017 Larry Dilts

A Durango & Silverton flanger train

Durango & Silverton NG Railroad ran a snowplow-flanger train on January 24th with K-28 number 473, Flanger OF and Caboose 0540…all former Denver & Rio Grande Western. The train is show here struggling on the icy track near the Rockwood yard limit (Mile Post 469). © Jerry B. Day January 24, 2017 While the flanger train waits on the mainline, a D&S crew prepares to take a regulator out ahead of the train. The regulator is a modern snow and ballast spreader. © Jerry B. Day January 24, 2017.
The flanger train heads out of Durango north bound to Cascade Canyon wye about to cross the Animas River bridge at Mile Post 452.4. The flanger wings are extended spreading snow, the crew in the caboose will retract them at the bridge. The wings were manually retracted and extended in D&RGW days, but the procedure was difficult and dangerous so the D&S put air cylinders on the flanger and operates it from the caboose. © Jerry B. Day January 24, 2017. The train passes Shalona Lake Crossing spreading snow while headed back to Durango. © Jerry B. Day January 24, 2017.
In this view, the flanger train is returning to Durango and spreading snow at the LaPlata County Road 250 commonly known as Shalona Lake Crossing (Mile Post 468.1). © Jerry B. Day January 24, 2017. Photographed from the Highway 550 overpass at Mile Post 467 the flanger is spreading snow the way it has since it was built in 1886. © Jerry B. Day January 24, 2017

A neat night shot of a not often seen UP special paint scheme

Tim Tonge made a great night shot and was able to photograph the UP's Olympic locomotive. ©2017 Tim Tonge

Some artifacts

C&LC (RI) bridge 543.1 near Resolis, Colorado is still in place 27 years after being abandoned. Although inaccessible to the public, bridge 543.9 is also in place. It is a 23 span trestle.  ©2017 Larry Dilts At a farm road grade crossing near Resolis, Colorado is a crossing sign on the abandoned C&LC (RI) grade. It appears to be maintained by the land owner in that it is in very good condition. ©2017 Larry Dilts

BNSF with some help

On 1/26/2017, David Sheppard caught this train heading down I-25. There wasn't much sunshine on the access road, so he took some pictures in Larkspur, then beat it to Greenland. Nice to see some KCS power mixed in! ©2017 David Sheppard 

A visitor at DUS

Winter Park Express with Amtrak 406 at left and Iowa Pacific Steubenville Inn coach SLRG 149 at Denver Union Station, Denver, Colorado, January 29, 2017. ©2017 Chip

January 27, 2017

On their way to a new home

Former Rio Grande 5517 SD50 now Southwestern Railroad 9861, ex-Union Pacific 9861, at Avondale, CO, picking up Canadian Pacific unit at 7:55 AM January 26, 2017. ©2017 Chip Southwestern Railroad 5111, 9861, 5102 and 5103, SD50, tied up at La Junta, Colorado, until 7 PM call January 26, 2017. Last two units wear Austin Western paint scheme. 

The SD50s headed to Cimarron Valley RR via Dodge City, Kansas. They arrived Dodge City January 27, 2017. ©2017 Chip

Amtrak No. 6 near Lincoln, NE

 Amtrak 6 on January 24 midway between Lincoln and Waverly, NE  ©2017 Tom Jurgens 48th and Cornhusker and note the snow on the pilot ©2017 Tom Jurgens
Tim was able to get No. 6 at Yankee Hill. ©2017 Tom Jurgens

Windmill parts on the move

Evraz Steel, formally Colorado Fuel & Iron at Pueblo, CO, saw southbound Vestas Wind Energy unit train pass it with UP 7978 up front. ©2017 Chip

Some help for the BNSF 

On January 21, David Grothe  photographed this mixed freight with the KCS units stopped at the signal at Palmer Lake. The power consist has 1 BNSF unit, then the KCS units, then the BNSF 4 axle unit ©2017 David Grothe

Amtrak at Granby

Amtrak 42 (Veterans unit) and 156 (red nose Phase I) were on train 5, the California Zephyr, Granby, Colorado, January 18, 2017.  ©2017 Chip

Interesting power in Denver

NS 7337 departed Denver on BNSF's Denver to Provo, Utah train January 17, 2017. Unit ex-Indiana Railroad now working on Norfolk Southern. ©2017 Chip Amtrak 42 and 156 on Amtrak train number 5 Prospect Junction, Denver, Colorado January 18, 2017. ©2017 Chip

A visitor from the East

Thanks to a heads up, Tim Tonge learned the oil train was southbound at Castle Rock. He had just shot a southbound coal load at Larkspur, so made a small change in his location and was rewarded with the oil train led by BNSF 7004 and NS 1084. Headed to Greenland and shot the train a second time. ©2017 Tim Tonge

A really night shot

 Tim Tonge saw in another picture posted on the Rocky web page that the red GMC in a good position for shooting a train. He'd been waiting for some fresh snow to shoot the scene. He used a 5 lights were set, 1 didn't fire, leaving 4. 1 flash 1/2 power aimed at GMC, 2 additional full power, 1 1/2 power pointed at train.  ©2017 Tim Tonge

Amtrak at Denver  Union Station

Winter Park Express & Amtrak train 6 with 156 on point are both in Denver Union Station 6:52 PM January 15, 2017. ©2017 Chip

In Memoriam 

A series of pictures on September 20, 2010. At least we still have the 3985. The pictures were taken in the Greeley area.  ©2017 Walter Weart September 29, 2010 UP 3985 with Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus Ringmaster Jonathan and UP 3985, Denver, CO.  ©2017Chip

No more circus trains

Ringling Bros. circus to close after 146 years

Associated Press January 15, 2017

ELLENTON, Fla. (AP) — After 146 years, the curtain is coming down .on "The Greatest Show on Earth." The owner of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus told The Associated Press that the show will close forever in May. The iconic American spectacle was felled by a variety of factors, company executives say. Declining attendance combined with high operating costs, along with changing public tastes and prolonged battles with animal rights groups all contributed to its demise. "There isn't any one thing," said Kenneth Feld, chairman and CEO of Feld Entertainment. "This has been a very difficult decision for me and for the entire family." The company broke the news to circus employees Saturday night after shows in Orlando and Miami.

Ringling Bros. has two touring circuses this season and will perform 30 shows between now and May. Major stops include Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston and Brooklyn. The final shows will be in Providence, Rhode Island, on May 7 and in Uniondale, New York, at the Nassau County Coliseum on May 21. The circus, with its exotic animals, flashy costumes and death-defying acrobats, has been a staple of entertainment in the United States since the mid-1800s

(I wonder what will happen to all their rolling stocks? Museums? Ed.)

The new and old

On January 12th, 2016 the southbound Pikes Peak Local rolls through Castle Rock passing an SD70ACe on the siding with the old Castle Rock Santa Fe depot in the background. ©2017 David Grothe

Copyright 2017 Rocky Mountain Railroad Club.

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