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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.   Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with and contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

Photo specs: 800 X 600, max of 1024 X 800 72 dpi or ppi is standard for the web. GIF or TIF is preferred as these are considered lossless versus lossy  (A lossy compression (JPG) method is one where compressing data and then decompressing it retrieves data that may well be different from the original). I reduce some pictures to 559 x 380 if I put them side by side.

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An unusual visitor

EMDX SD70ACe 1207, one of the Demo's that was at  TTC. Maybe goinf back to EMD ©2021 Ben Helsel

A visitor from British Columbia

BNSF 6551 with BNSF 8026 and BCOL 4619 stopping over Pueblo'ss Santa Fe Ave. CO. ©2021 Ben Helsel

Action on the Joint Line

On March 22, 2021 snow covered Joint Line had BNSF 9274 on 124-car loaded coal train Rawhide Mine, WY, headed to Lower Colorado River Authority (Fayatte) at Halsted, Texas. Southbound train ran 2x2 on the Joint Line north of Palmer Lake, CO. ©2021 Chip

Visiting power

Canadian Pacific 8613, AC4400CW, led northbound BNSF unit frac sand train at Boulder, CO,March 27, 2021, BNSF’s Front Range Subdivision. BNSF’s Ottumwa, Iowa, to Swan Ranch at Speer, Wyoming, loaded 100-car frac sand train. ©2021 Chip

NS in Boulder

NS 4236, AC44C6M rear DPU-Rebuilt former NS Dash 9-40C and Dash 9-44CW units with AC traction and GE widenose/cab. Boulder, CO, March 27, 2021, BNSF’s Front Range Subdivision. BNSF’s Ottumwa, Iowa, to Swan Ranch at Speer, Wyoming, loaded 100-car frac sand train. ©2021 Chip

Amtrak is releasing is 50th Anniversary commemorative painted locomotives

Switching at Golden

My wife was returning from Golden and saw this unusal power combination switching the yard, likley making up an inbound run ©2021 Susie  Weart

Gensets at Ft. Carson

SAX 6506 GenSet was busy March 24, 2021 at the Mountain Post Railhead. Heavy equipment was being loaded on to flatcars. ©2021 Chip

After snow fighting in Wyoming

UP 900021 wedge snowplow east of Lyman, Nebraska, March 19, 2021. The wedge snowplow was used to clear the line after dark 19 March 19th to Egbert, WY. ©2021 Chip
UP 900021 wedge snowplow east of Lyman, Nebraska, March 19, 2021.  The wedge snowplow was used to clear the line down to Egbert, WY.  ©2021 Chip

Some grain elevator power

CHSX 6971 history. Built as Canadian National 5178 SD40 September 1971 to BNSF 7311 rebuilt to SD40-2 specifications as BNSF 6971 to Retired August 1999 to sold to Mid-American Equipment Corp. (JCLX) to Cornerstone Ag 6971. Behind the cab above the air intake are snow shield shrouds that were installed on many CN SD40s to help keep snow out of the air intake. Photo by Larry D. Dilts, March 18, 2021, Sharon Springs, Kansas. Larry Dilts .©2021
CHSX 7264 history. Built as Burlington Northern 7264 March 1980 to BNSF 7264 to First Union (FURX) 7264 to National Railway Equipment Corp (NREX) 7264 to Cornerstone Ag 7264. Photo by Larry D. Dilts, September 22, 2018, Sharon Springs, Kansas. Larry Dilts .©2021

Wallace County Coop RE 1076 history. It was built by Alco as an S4 model 1000hp switcher. This model was built between 1950 and 1961. Rest of history is unknown. Wallace County Coop is now owned by CHS. Photo by Larry D. Dilts, July 30, 2006, Sharon Springs, Kansas.  Larry Dilts .©2021  March 18, 2021, Crossing Turkey Creek East of Wallace, Kansas, Union Pacific 7971 and 7409 were westbound with nine cars in tow. This trestle has an interesting history. April 12, 2002, the bridge burned along with several loaded coal cars. An overheated wheel caught the car on fire. The train came to a stop atop the bridge and subsequently several more cars as well as the bridge burned  Larry Dilts .©2021


I made a trip recently to Ft. Collins and found the  local power next to station, Both units were idling and I wonder how long it will be before the apartment dwellers complain. ©2021 Walter Weart And the Switching Platform ©2021 Walter Weart
Switching in the Ft. Collins yard .  ©2021 Walter Weart Is this a record for graffiti coverage of a boxcar?  ©2021 Walter Weart

A Canadian visitor from British Colombia

David took this photo on March 20 ust south of castle rock.  ©2021 David Grothe (Edior note's Looks like to lead motor had a fire at some point)

The Royal Gorge line

The Royal Gorge Route CRRX 403, F7A nee-CNW 4079C, and CRRX 1503, F7B, made their last runs through the Royal Gorge on March 15, 2021 before going to the shop for 92-day inspections. The 16-car train was along the Arkansas River at West Cańon City, CO, March 15, 2021 at ‘The Gate’ rock formation. CRRX 728, RP40-2C, replaced the F-units on the west end of the train early March 16th. ©2021 Chip

A Canadian visitor

Southbound grain train at Pueblo with CP 8846 & UP 7009  © Ben Helsel


A Warbonnet approaching Tomah Rd and note the orange cab air conditioner  © David Grothe

During the Big Snow

Union Pacific crews were busy Sunday morning, March 14, 2021, before blizzard conditions overwhelmed Denver rail operations later in the afternoon High winds and unrelenting snow overwhelmed all forms of transportation. © 2021 Chip

Before the Big Snow

BNSF 9077, SD70ACe, and 9709 from Golden, CO, passed westbound UP 5915 on Utah Junction Bypass 2, northwest of Denver on Saturday, March 13, 2021. UP 5915 West (2x1 DPU set up) was on an empty unit oil train. ©2021 Chip


The San Luis & Rio Grande is a short line in southern Colorado.. On 26 February 2021, leased locomotive PRLX 4685 was southbound approaching Antonito on the old D&RGW line that once went all the way to Santa Fe, New Mexico.. The crew picked up several hopper cars and headed back north to Alamosa on low-speed track.  ©2021Dave Schaaf

Rock & Rail at work

Rock & Rail (RRRR) 201, GP40M-2, and 501, GP40, spotted covered hoppers at the huge Lafarge Holcim cement operation at Portland, CO, March 9, 2021.  Cement operations have kept busy during the COVID-19 pandemic.  ©2021 Chip

Help from a visitor

In Castle Rock at 1550 w/ Ferromex ACe.  ©2021 David Grothe

Winter on the Moffat Sub

Grand Junction to Denver manifest made a timely appearance for a shot I've been attempting in that special light in a fresh 10"¯ of mountain snow. To my delight, add some weather interaction with the Flatirons standing proud in the immediate distance, ©2021 Erik Lindgren  Number 5 running on time kicks up some fresh snow near the Great Divide at Tolland. Running track speed and looking so ©2021 Erik Lindgrenclean and fresh these venerable P42's don't look ready for replacement in the least. 

Visitors from Canada

BNSF unit sand train from Iowa had Central Maine & Quebec 1006, AC4400CW, and Canadian Pacific 8044 on the rear of westbound BNSF train February 22, 2021.  Train was parked at Barr Siding, CO. ©2021 Chip

Westbound BNSF 6899, ES44AC, led a 3x2 Denver, Colorado, to Provo, Utah, trackage rights train around snow covered Union Pacific’s Big 10 west of Arvada, Colorado, on UP’s Moffat Tunnel Subdivision 20 February 2021. This is the former Moffat Road (Denver & Salt Lake later became the Denver & Rio Grande Western RR). ©2021 Chip

Switching at the Anheuser-Busch plant in Ft. Collins

S&S Sales & Leasing SSRX 1393, MP15, was working the brewery trackage at Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch). Brewery is northeast of Fort Collins, CO, February 19, 2021. ©2021 Chip

Amtrak meets the BNSF

Three hour late AMTK train 5, the CZ, with 15 & 206 on 9-car train meet eastbound BNSF 4175 Z DENCHI intermodal at Commerce City, CO. West Siding Switch Irondale - both trains kept moving-! Well executed meet by Brush Subdivision dispatcher. © 2021Chip

A huge power move on the BNSF

Bob Thiele was able to get a picture of this power move. He counted 23 locomotives and one note indicated they are on the way to Donkey Creek yard in Wyoming. As coal traffic has fallen of, the  yard is empty and provides a locution for storage.  Note the oroginal ATSF paint and there was a Warbonnet in the consist. If you have more information, please contact me.  Click on this link to reach the  Webmaster Photo  ©2021Bob Thilele

Can someone explain this?

Can someone explain this to me? While running some errands today (February 3), I noticed that the signals at Leyden were lit so I thought there might be something coming down the hill.. I also noticed that there was couple of motors which I thought were on the passing siding and I thought they would let someone run around them. I waited about 20 minutes and decided that maybe that train was delayed and as I had places to go and things to do, I moved on. I decided I would find a location where I could take some additional pictures of Leyden and was surprised to see that the motors were on the main. The second picture was my attempt to show that the signals facing the engines and the passing siding were both red. That would seem to indicate that any train that was going to pass the motors would be on the passing siding but the red aspect displayed would stop the train at that point. I saw that the lead motor had both ditch and headlights illumined which of course is a FRA requirement when occupying the main. I couldn't tell if there was anyone on board but you would think that if their hours expired, they would have tied down on the passing siding, leaving the main clear. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this so does someone have an explanation? Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I normally carry a camera but I had left it at home to take pictures of some things for eBay and my American Flyer Christmas tree train set. Won't do that again as my cell phone is okay but not great. 3 pictures  And no, I'm not upgrading my cell phone, I'll remember my camera. 3 pictures ©2021 Walter Weart
I also learned that that there were or are some ballast cars and panel track flat cars spotted east of Sheridan so could these motors been assigned to move them? Erik Lindgren got the shot I couldn't and you can see the signal aspects  ©2021 Erik Lindgren

SL&RG locomoitves on the move to a new owner

The stored San Luis & Rio Grande (SLRG) lettered units were moved before sunrise 1 February 2021 from Portland, Colorado, to Pueblo, CO. The five units; SLRG 4141, 4144, 4136, 4138 (painted Adams University), and 4142 are GP40FH-2 ex-New Jersey Transit locomotives. BNSF will move them from Pueblo, CO, to new owner Texas Northwestern (TXNW).  Chip Rock & Rail moved five San Luis & Rio Grande lettered GP40FH-2 units from Portland, CO, to Pueblo, CO, before sunrise February 1, 2021. They were interchanged to BNSF for movement to new owner Texas Northwestern. ©2021 Chip
©2021 Chip

The "Beer" train, kinda

The mid-morning BNSF Beer Train crosses 44th on its way to Denver. Not much beer any more as outbound rail carload freight has dropped to below 30%. Coors is still a major customer with grain, corn syrup and other ingredients but the power plant no longer receives coal. This picture proves that  your webmaster still takes some pictures from time to time. ©2021 Walter Weart

On the old Rock Island

Eastbound Kyle RR train had Central Oregon & Pacific RR (CORP) painted 4075, SD40T-2, on former Rock Island line at Brewster, Kansas, January 27, 2021. Train had 39-loads and 3-empties in fresh snow on Kyle’s Phillipsburg Subdivision.  ©2021 Chip Eastbound Kyle RR train had Utah Railway 5005 (foreground), MK50-3, and Central Oregon & Pacific RR (CORP) painted 4075, SD40T-2, on former Rock Island line at Brewster, Kansas, January 27, 2021. Mighty cold day with fresh snow along this former Rock Island line. ©2021 Chip

A visitor helps move a blade train

David spotted a southbound BNSF blade train between Castle Rock and Yogi Bear Camping Adventure Park on Saturday around noon. It was stopped at a signal but soon starting moving. It picked up speed quickly and caught it by Yogi's and again in Greenland and one last time on the bridge in Palmer Lake. The CSX Gevo second out added some color. ©2021 David Shepard

On the Moffat Sub

HPVODEN is climbing the +2.00 grade at milepost 22.97 in Coal Creek Canyon, CO on Tuesday January 26, 2021. Within moments the train will be in the bore at Tunnel 1 on a delightful frosty snowy January day on the Moffat Road. ©2021 Erik Lindgren HPVODEN-1 is descending the +2.00 grade at milepost 26.91 high in the Flatirons above Eldorado Springs, CO on Wednesday January 26, 2021. Within moments the train will be in the bore at Tunnel 7 on a delightful snowy morning on the Moffat Road. ©2021 Erik Lindgren

Friday January 22, 2021 BNSF 5468 leads the daily Provo manifest through the Flatiron Range near the Jefferson and Boulder county line at milepost 26.11. Tunnel 5 is 585 feet in length while tunnel 6 is 536 feet. This short stretch of the Moffat Road briefly catches the pleasant morning sunlight while the train is negotiating the 2.00 grade between the two tunnels.  ©2021 Erik Lindgren

Fresh paint on the BNSF

BNSF 521 B40-8W H4 paint scheme Hudson Turn Brush Sub Irondale Siding Commerce City CO  ©2021 Chip

COVID-19 on the rails

The railroads have not been immune to the corona virus. One CMO covered hopper received corona virus graffiti. Colby, Kansas, December 31, 2020. ©2021Larry Dilts

An update on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway

M&PP yard looking toward the depot. The depot is being renovated and new restroom facilities constructed. Manitou Springs, Colorado, January 12, 2021.  ©2021Larry Dilts M&PP yard looking toward the shop. The shop building is being lengthened. The new yard tracks have been installed. Manitou Springs, Colorado, January 12, 2021. ©2021Larry Dilts

On the Moffat sub

Continuing my experiments with trying to convey the dramatic rise of the Moffat Road over the plains upon the beautiful Flatiron Range. Looking southeast the Denver skyline can be seen in the distance including Rocky Flats. Here at 1842 feet above Denver Amtrak 5 is exiting tunnel 7 with a reminiscent puff of exhaust from the 208 foot long bore at MP 26.63. Amtrak will continue to climb to the continental divide inside Moffat Tunnel at up to a +2.00 grade. Tuesday January 19, 2021. ©2021 Erik Lindgren
Oil Can for Utah via the Moffat Road Wednesday January 20, 2021 at West Crescent UP 6007 leads the empty oil called at 0740 for Wildcat Utah. A special visitor from back east CSXT 5358 in elephant fashion gander into the morning sunshine in the Tunnel District. OSJWU-16 St. James, LA to Wildcat, UT ©2021 Erik Lindgren


Changes on the Denver & Rock Island

Old Denver Rock Island Railroad (DRIR) track removal near South Platte River at Denver Stockyards, Wednesday, January 13, 2021.National Western Complex Redevelopment continues ©2021 Chip


Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at former Denver Stockyards, Denver, Colorado ©2021 Chip

On the Moffat Sub

OWUSJ-07 Wildcat, UT to St. James, LA Originated on Utah Rwy
past tunnel 26 near Wundervu, CO after about 3" of new snow. January 2011  ©2021 Erik Lindgren


UP 5941, AC44CWCTE, and UP 3000 Tier 4 handled 92-car loaded unit oil train, O WUSJ-07. Utah Rly loaded the train at Wildcat, Utah, for move to St. James, Louisiana. Coal Creek Canyon, CO, 10 January 2021 after the snowfall. ©2021 Chip
Classic location with a remarkably clean Amtrak 5 near Tunnel #1  ©2021 Erik Lindgren Private cars EVELYN HENRY and WARREN R HENRY 12/28/20 at Plainview  ©2021 Erik Lindgren

PVs visit Colorado

PV Warren R Henry at Denver Union Station 9 Jan 2021 ©2021 Chip
Private cars Warren R. Henry dome lounge and Evelyn Henry sleeper were on Amtrak train 6, the California Zephyr. Train stopped briefly at Winter Park Ski Area, CO. UP’s Moffat Tunnel Subdivision on 8 January 2021. Car laid over at Denver Union Station the January 8-10, 2021 then continued east to Chicago, IL. ©2021 Chip

A Warbonnet!

A pleasant way to bring in the new year, BNSF 4705 still in full Warbonnet paint leads the HPVODEN1 from Provo, Utah into Denver on the morning of Sunday, January 3, 2021. Both photos ©2021 Erik Lindgren

Visitors from Canada

Westbound Canadian Pacific'™s 8114 and 7014 (CP Heritage unit-!) on BNSF train Sweetgrass, Montana, to Fresno, California, loaded grain train. BNSF parked her at LoDo Siding, Denver, CO, 1:45 PM, January 5th.

Photo by Chip at Irondale Siding, Commerce City, Colorado, ©2021 January 5, 2021.

Westbound Canadian Pacific's 8114 and 7014 (CP Heritage unit-!) on BNSF train Sweetgrass, Montana, to Fresno, California, loaded grain train.

Photo by Chip at Hudson, Colorado, ©2021 January 5, 2021.


PVs at Union Station

Three private cars i.e. private varnish, were at Denver Union Station Sunday, January 3, 2021. At left was Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 50 - The Patron Tequila Express - which laid over on track 5 for 9-days. On the right, were Henry Creative Promotions PVs; dome lounge Warren R. Henry and sleeper Evelyn Henry. Those PVs continued west to California.  ©2021 John Sherman

On the Moffat Sub

Tunnel 26 Aglow in Reflected Light. Remarks: Westbound through the tunnel district the daily Provo manifest HDENPVO1 with BNSF 7991 leading on 12/31/20 tugs 10 power units 7 in view here through the Rockies not around them. The afternoon winter sun strikes the south rim of the deep canyon east of Pinecliffe and tunnel 27 below Wundervu, CO with a brunt warm soft reflected light illuminating the train. Repeated attempts finally realized since seeing this phenomenon.    ©2021 Erik Lindgren

Copyright 2021 Rocky Mountain Railroad Club.

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