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Membership Renewal for 2020

By renewing your membership, you will receive club benefits:

  • membership in the Rocky Mountain Railroad Historical Foundation,
  • our monthly newsletter "The Rail Report,"

Annual dues are $35.00 for Regular Members. An associate membership (US or foreign) for spouses and children is available for a yearly rate of $25.00. Overseas membership is available for a yearly rate of $45.00. We also offer the membership level of "Contributing" for $50.00; Sustaining Membership is $75.00; Patron Membership is $100.00. The last three levels of membership enable the Club to continue its outreach efforts through the generosity of such members. Dues for the 2020 calendar year are solicited in November of the current year.

Instructions for use:

Click Buy Now to select a membership class. This will takes you to the shopping cart and your current selection.
If you wish to add another member point and click Continue Shopping that returns you to this page.
Point and click the Buy Now for the class of the next membership. You will taken to the shopping card where all membership selections are shown .

Complete you application by clicking on the Go to Payments of the shopping card page. Follow the instructions to complete contact information and pay date. Thank you using our secure e-commerce renewal process.

Standard Membership $35.00

Associate Membership $25.00 (for spouses and children)

Overseas Membership $45.00

Contributing Member $50.00

Sustaining Membership is $75.00

Patron Membership is $100.00



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